Logistics / Handling

The authorization as CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE (ADT and DAP) in our warehouses in Bizkaia and Alava, offers our clients greater agility in customs procedures, and offers lower storage and distribution costs, as well as an improvement in the policy of shopping. It also offers an agile service to companies in the airline sector, for their indirect departures.

Our warehouses at the Vitoria Transportation Center (5,000m2) allow us to carry out storage and distribution tasks for the entire Peninsula and Islands.

We have the most advanced security standards, as evidenced by our obtaining, in 2011, the AEO certificate in Customs Simplifications, Protection and Security. For this we have closed circuit television, an alarm connected to an alarm center and presence and movement controls in all our facilities.

Airport logistics

We have developed an airport logistics system that makes our Freight forwarder clients, once the exporter’s request is received, they only must worry about issuing the AWB and sending it to us. The process consists of the following phases, all of which are optional:

  • Collection of merchandise
  • Communication of weights and measures
  • Labeling of merchandise
  • Transfer of the merchandise to the corresponding ADT
  • Printing and preparation of documents accompanying air cargo
  • Customs clearance
  • Webtracking: both customs and logistics
  • Communication of expenses


We carry out all the tasks of logistics, from the collection of the goods, classification by reference, storage, preparation of orders and shipment to the end customer. All this under the highest quality standards and always with the aim of adapting to the needs of our customers. For this, we offer the online traceability service, which allows our clients to have all the information on their stocks and movements in real time.

Both as a complement to international trade operations, as well as at the National / European level, we have more than 6,000 m2 of warehouses available to our clients, managed through computerized systems.

In addition, we have the following customs authorizations:

  • A.D.T. (Temporary warehouse)
  • L.A.M.E. (Local authorized for export merchandise)
  • D.A.P. (Public customs warehouse)
  • D.D.A. (Fiscal customs warehouse)

Which allows us to provide a comprehensive service in international trade operations.


As handling warehouses at Bilbao Airport, we offer a comprehensive service to Air Companies, GSAs and other Handling Agents. For this we have the material and human resources that allow us to handle any type of merchandise, regardless of its weight and measurements, both in handling tasks and in aeronautical safety inspection (National Civil Aviation Security Program). And both in Import and Export traffic.