Eynorte Group

¿How the company got started?

The Eynorte Group was founded in 1992 at the hands of a group of professionals, who combine their vast experiences in this activity area, to form one of the most recognized companies in the northern and central Spain.

Over the years we have been providing service from our different locations, to all companies in our geographical area, showing as a national benchmark, thanks to our adaptation to new technologies and our eagerness, above all, to satisfy the needs of our customers.

During these years we have been serving the whole freight forwarding community from the north of Spain, in air traffic of goods, both export and import. This led us in the year 2008, to gain recognition as Accredited Agents by the Government (this consideration as Accredited Agents, involves a commitment to compliance with the obligations contained in the National Security Programme for Civil Aviation, concerning the transportation of cargo, courier and express parcels by air).

In November 2011 we obtained, by the Spanish Tax Administration Agency, recognition as AEO, in its broader “Customs Simplifications, Safety and Security” mode. This has led us to offer our customers a more agile dealing with Customs, which means: fewer physical and documentary checks, priority in Customs Clearances and in recognitions by the Customs Authorities, easiness to choose certain procedures, centralized clearance in other National Customs, etc.