Customs Broker / Customs Representative


(SERVICE 24 x 7 x 365)

International trade is very complex and there are many phases that complete it. We are SPECIALISTS IN CUSTOMS REPRESENTATION. Because we firmly believe that this specialization offers our clients:

  • Be able to count on a trusted partner in customs / tax matters, who knows your products and operations in depth. This allows us to analyze, for each operation, whether export, import or combined, the best of the alternatives in terms of costs. And submit customs declarations, with the assurance that they have been made correctly.
  • Be able to manage the rest of the phases that make up international trade in an independent way, choosing for each case the best Freight Forwarder according to the country of origin / destination, Air / Sea / Land / Courier means of transport, etc.

Efficient and agile customs processing is one of the fundamental points of international trade. That is why we have developed this activity as one of the pillars of our company. All this allows us to optimize customs processes from a financial / tax perspective, which translates into an improvement in costs for our clients.

First through our Customs Agent, and since 2011, once the status of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) has been obtained, also through the figure of Customs Representative, we are at your disposal to carry out all the necessary customs procedures to your international trade operation:

  • Customs clearance (any type of tariff regime and place in Spain)
  • Specialists in Inward / Outward Processing Procedure, and End-Use Procedure
  • Temporary Admission
  • Linked to deposit customs clearances
  • We have authorizations for Temporary Warehouse – ADT, Export Merchandise Warehouse – LAME, Customs Warehouse – DA, Fiscal Customs Warehouse – DDA.
  • Management (registration and control) of ADT, LAME, DAP and DDA. at our clients’ facilities.
  • Union Internal / external transit
  • Technical advice on foreign trade operations
  • Advice on customs inspections
  • Processing of BTIs for our clients
  • Processing of BOIs for our clients
  • Management of non-customs documents (Comercial Control, HEALTH, PHARMACY, CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN, LICENSES, SURVEILLANCE DOCUMENTS, etc …)
  • Management and presentation of INTRASTAT / 349
  • Real-time tracking of the situation of Customs Clearance and its associated documentation (digital file available to customers)